The HeatShine Carbon is a very efficient and powerful infrared heater that has almost no red light and can heat an area of 14m². Various control systems, long service life, and integrated APP control are other advantages of the radiant heater.


The elegant HeatShine Carbon produces intense and powerful infrared heat for indoor and covered outdoor use. Especially when used as a patio heater, the HeatShine Carbon provides a warmth to feel good, especially on less protected terraces and in light winds. But also in the winter garden, in pavilions, on terraces of gastronomy or in the work area this infrared heating finds its application. The advantages are clear to see: An elegant design that easily fits into any environment, a high durability and the efficiency as well as an innovative technology “Made in Germany” speak for the HeatShine Carbon radiant heater as a perfect heat source.



Light emission very low / almost no red light
Power 230V / AC 50 Hz Approx. size of heated area with optimal installation / dimensions (devices)
Control internal
2.700 W 14 m² 124 x 17 x 7.5 cm
Mounting height optimal 220 cm -250 cm / minimum 180 cm
Raumreichweite ca. 3 m
Surface temperature Filament temperature 1,100 °C
Radiation efficiency 76%
Beam angle 90°
IP protection class IPx4
Heating time approx. 35 sec.
Lifetime 10,000 hours
Infrared range IR-B Medium wave 1,400 nm – 5,000 nm
Minimum distance min. 6 cm to wood and metal, min. 15 cm to glass, awning and fabric

The ExtremeLine HeatShine Carbon with integrated control complies with the Ecodesign Directive 2015/1188.
Click here for the Declaration of Conformity: DE_Ecodeign Directive & EN_Ecodeign Directive

This is included in the scope of delivery:

  • 2x assembly slide MH
  • 2x joint DAHGMS
  • Radio temperature sensor (optional)
  • Remote control only included with ExRemote control. For the other controls (somfy io, elsner or BLE), no remote control is included.

Please refer to the current price list!

There are 5 control options available for the ExtremeLine infrared radiant heaters. We distinguish between control by radio and control without radio. Here now a function overview:

Control with radio control (integrated control)

  • Radio and APP operation
  • 3 power levels (100%, 86%, 68%)
  • Radio room temperature sensor (minimum & maximum temperature, frost protection)
  • Intelligent Bluetooth module which enables the control as well as the configuration. Switch-off time, heating power, …
  • The display is an elegant LED display embedded in the infrared heater, which shows the current status of the heater in different colors.

Control without radio control

  • ON/OFF circuit
  • Integration into a room temperature controller possible
  • An elegant LED display embedded in the infrared heater serves as an indicator, showing the current status of the heater (ON/OFF).

The following control systems are available:

With the ExRemote radio system you can dim up to 4 groups differently. In addition to the radiant heaters, the ExtremeLine LED luminaires can also be controlled. The remote control is integrated in the scope of delivery, already programmed and ready for immediate use.
The Somfy io wireless system is considered a market-leading system in the winter garden and terrace area. As a Smart Home ready partner, these products can also be integrated into all Somfy io automation solutions. The Somfy remote control is not automatically included in the standard scope of delivery, but is included on request.
The BLE (Bluetooth low energy) radio protocol is supported by a wide range of manufacturers. For example, from certain products of the manufacturers Casambi, Enocean or Eltako. For the encrypted radio protocol we use, energy self-sufficient radio wall switches, which generate their energy from the keystroke. The energy-autonomous radio wall switch is not included in the scope of delivery. As an additional option, any ExtremeLine radiant heater with control via APP can be converted to the BLE wireless system.

The control via Elsner Elektronik is another control system that is common in winter gardens and patio roofs. This allows the entire building technology, such as: B. the ExtremeLine infrared heaters and LED lights, shading systems, the AirSlide and other fans can be controlled and automated. Our standard scope of delivery does not include the Elsner radio transmitter.

Without control

Of course, you can also control the ExtremeLine infrared radiant heaters without a radio system. The radiant heater already has an ON/OFF switch integrated in the device on site.

In addition, you have other options:

  1. A simple ON/OFF switch via a conventional wall switch.
  2. Integration into a BUS system via a switching or dimming actuator.
  3. Control via a thermostat, e.g. from the manufacturer Salus.

Please observe the Ecodesign Directive 2015/1188.


This powerful design radiant heater is used, for example, at events and functions, in the catering industry, in sales rooms, workplaces, listed buildings, public places, garden houses and, of course, in the winter garden and terrace area. With our products everything will be nice and warm!


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