Our company history

Welcome to ExtremeLine – The new dimension of well-being. The demand for relaxation and well-being has increased sustainably in recent years, especially in one’s own home. But how did we get there? Here you can find our company history.


>> Reinhold Kalteis

A passionate product developer with a high degree of inventiveness, that’s Reinhold Kalteis, founder and senior boss of S.E. System Electronic GmbH. The infrared radiant heater success story began in 2009, when Reinhold Kalteis had the idea of developing infrared radiant heaters by chance. A business partner wanted to import radiant heaters from abroad to Germany and sell them there. However, these showed considerable deficiencies. Since his interest was already at that time the electric heaters and the associated effective heat source, it was quickly decided to produce its own high-quality product. With his many years of experience in the development of high-quality products, the trained electronics engineer knows what matters when it comes to heat.

Extremeline - Success with a strong team

The team, around the umbrella brand ExtremeLine, consists of a number of motivated employees who are passionate about giving their best every day.
Through their commitment, they move the company forward.
Here, too, people are always at the center of our daily work. Only in this way are we able to bring high-quality products to the market which, in addition to being highly useful, also convey a positive attitude to life.


Our company story

Foundation of the company System Electronic Reinhold Kalteis Engineering as a one-man business.


The constantly increasing demand and growth of the company leads to the relocation of the company. The company headquarters is moved from Großkarolinenfeld to Halfing.


Development of the first infrared dark radiator, the core of the ExtremeLine umbrella brand. As always, the focus was on developing a high-quality product under the premise “Made in Germany” and thereby revolutionizing the infrared heater market.

First patent application for the infrared dark radiator.


One of the most modern waterjet cutting machines is put into operation.

Son Christian Kalteis founds the company. System mechanics.


The infrared dark radiator receives the “reddot Design Award”.


We are very proud, because the dark radiator is nominated for the coveted “German Design Award 2011”.

B/S/H, the largest home appliance manufacturer in Europe, awards the dark radiator with the “Certificate Top Quality”.


The infrared dark radiator is certified by the NRTL (Nationally Recognized Test Laboratory) and associated TÜV-Süd for the U.S.A. and other European countries. International sales are thus opened.

The company System Electronic Reinhold Kalteis Engineering merges into S.E. System Electronic GmbH.


The machine park is expanded by a 5-axis simultaneous milling center (DMU 50).


Next part of our story. Sales are being expanded worldwide.

Due to increasing demand, the production area is expanded by another 600 m².


The umbrella brand ExtremeLine is created and the company thus sets another milestone in its positioning.

The product range is extended by the products LEDTube, the dark radiator HeatPassion and the carbon radiators HeatShine and HeatTube. This creates a coherent and complementary product portfolio.

With the start of production of the triple combination (LEDTube and HeatTube), a perfect interplay of heat and light is created for the first time.


A unique lighting system of high quality LED luminaires, specially designed for the high requirements of cold and warm conservatories, is created.

For the first time, a training program is being developed for specialist dealers to communicate the high quality standards of ExtremeLine products to customers.

Development of the future-oriented Bluetooth control for infrared radiant heaters.


Introduction of the specialist and strategic partner program for the sale of ExtremeLine products.

Market launch of the flexible carbon radiant heater HeatTower.

Award of the umbrella brand ExtremeLine with the coveted German Brand Award 2017.

Launch of the ExtremeLine Control App, a proprietary app that can be used to control all ExtremeLine radiant heaters with controls. Available in the Google Playstore.


S.E. System Electronic GmbH is one of the first manufacturers to comply with all the requirements right at the beginning of the introduction (1.1.18) of the new EU Regulation 2015/1188 on the Ecodesign Directive 2009/125/EC and to produce according to these criteria.

Thanks to the compatibility of ExtremeLine radiant heaters with the leading control manufacturer Somfy IO Homecontrol and in exclusive cooperation with Elsner Elektronik, the company is ready for smart home and the digital future. This is also a base for our story.

With the development of ExRemote, the company offers a cheaper alternative to the market-leading control systems Somfy IO and Elsner Elektronik.

Award of the “Innovative through Research” prize to S.E. System Electronic GmbH.


Control of ExtremeLine infrared radiant heaters with the radio system BLE ExtremeLine. Simple remote control via energy-autonomous wall switch is possible.


Launch of AirSlide – the electric sliding roof window for conservatories. A revolutionary development, as the window convinces with its very large opening area, a lot of fresh air combined with high quality materials.


A new wood chip heating system is being built in an outbuilding and will provide environmentally friendly heat to a large part of the company premises.

The warehouse will be further expanded to allow for additional storage capacity of raw materials. Also, the entire exterior surfaces and access road is tarred.

The decision was made to obtain environmental certification according to EMAS, one of the most comprehensive certifications.

The service area in milling and development was expanded.

The starting signal for the development of an own 3 dimensional ExtremeLine world has been given.

3 wallboxes for charging e-vehicles will be installed on the company premises.

Another hybrid vehicle a Skoda Octaiva come into our company fleet.


We have received the German Design Award for our AirSlide.

The warehouse will be further expanded to allow for additional storage capacity of raw materials. 3 wallboxes for charging e-vehicles will be installed on the company premises.
The entire exterior surfaces and access road will be tarred.

Another hybrid vehicle a Skoda Octaiva come into our company fleet. A new electric forklift with a lifting capacity of 2.5 tons and a lifting height of 560 cm and a new large tarpaulin trailer with 2.7 tons were also purchased.

Two new patio roofs are built on the premises.

Substantial investments were made in data security.

The ExtremeLine world as a 3 dimensional experience world with movies, references, chat function etc. goes online successfully.


Market launch of the carbon radiant heater HeatFlare.

The new ExtremLine website goes online.

The LED production is being fundamentally refurbished and expanded. In addition, another PV system with 30 KW/p will be installed on the building.

1st Somfy Terrace World seminar with us in Halfing.

Development of the self-sufficient electric sliding roof window – AirSlide Solar and the flood protection system together with Securiteam GmbH.


Market launch of the AirSlide Solar and premiere of the flood protection project at the R+T trade fair 2024 in Stuttgart. Flood protection could be admired at our stand and at the Securiteam stand.


You want to learn more about sustainability at Extremeline?

The protection of the environment and the economical use of resources play a very important role for us. In doing so, we are aware of the responsibility we have every day towards the ecosystem on earth. However, it is not only the ecosystem that is at the forefront of our environmental protection measures, but also the well-being of all future generations who are to live in a healthy environment. That is why sustainability is a top priority at ExtremeLine / S.E. System Electronic.

Our environmental guiding principle: Only those who understand environmental protection will live it in all areas!