May I introduce – the AirSlide! With the AirSlide, stuffy and humid indoor air is a thing of the past, as the innovative ventilation system easily avoids heat build-up. How does it work? Find out here!


With the AirSlide – the electric sliding roof window for cold winter gardens, you come very close to your dream of proximity to nature, natural daylight and plenty of fresh air. For us, these are some of the basic requirements for a pleasant atmosphere in the cold winter garden. The electric sliding roof window, awarded the German Design Award 2022, represents a roof window solution that allows a lot of light and fresh air into the summer garden with a particularly large opening area. The control that comfortably opens and closes the AirSlide ensures maximum ease of use. Discover the advantages now!



width 650 mm to 1,100 mm
Length 800 mmm / 1.250 mm / 1.500 mm
Color RAL- / DB-Colors accordingly IGP powder techniqueAG & TIGER coatings
Glas Factory installed, VSG/TVG 10 mm, 12 mm, 16 mm or 25 mm insulating glass
opening area max. 70%, depending on frame size
Installation inclination mind. 2° to max. 35° Depending on the dimensions
Surface preparation Pre-anodization possible
Insect protection from the company Neher
Air permeability Class 1
Resistance to wind load by DIN EN 14351-1 Windzone B4
Watertightness roof pitchab 2° Class 6A DIN EN 12208
Roof pitch up from 10° Class 8A DIN EN 12208
Roof pitch up from 25° Class E750 DIN EN 12208
Snow load Statically tested > 350kg up to 900kg with 10 mm VSG/TVG

This is included in the scope of delivery:

  • Ready-to-install, electrically operated sliding roof window
    inkl. 230V 50Hz drive motor
  • Bonded glass 10,76 mm VSG/TVG or have a look at the options
  • Statics, driving rain, wind test certificates are available online

The following control systems are available:

The Somfy io wireless system is considered a market-leading system in the winter garden and terrace area. As a Smart Home ready partner, these products can also be integrated into all Somfy io automation solutions. The Somfy remote control is not automatically included in the standard scope of delivery, but is included on request.
The control via Elsner Elektronik is another control system that is common in winter gardens and patio roofs. This allows the entire building technology, such as: B. the ExtremeLine infrared heaters and LED lights, shading systems, the AirSlide and other fans can be controlled and automated. Our standard scope of delivery does not include the Elsner radio transmitter.
Without controls There is also the option of operating the AirSlide with a wired up/down button or with standard radio actuators from the winter garden area.
Without controls
Das AirSlide Solar! Mit dem AirSlide Solar gehört nicht nur stickige Raumluft der Vergangenheit an, sondern auch das nervige verkabeln in der Überdachung. Wie geht das? Das erfahren Sie hier mehr zum autarken Dachschiebefenster! Egal in welcher Farbe.

Did you know that the AirSlide is also available with solar power?

We presented one of our absolute product innovations at the  R+Ttrade fair – the self-sufficient AirSlide Solar sliding roof window.

The solar module gives the AirSlide an absolutely future-oriented upgrade, which means you can save electricity, have less effort during assembly, can ride up to 70 rides without sunlight using an integrated battery and is also only available from us! Why don’t you take a look?


The AirSlide is available in different colors and sizes, has many advantages compared to other sliding roof windows and is therefore versatile. See how others use the AirSlide here.


Problems configuring or
the commissioning?

We are happy to help.
We have provided some tutorials for you on our YouTube channel. You can also find a lot of information under the service point “Help” or in our operating instructions.

We would also be happy to help you by telephone.

Discover our online ExtremeLine exhibition.

Here you have the opportunity to explore new perspectives, discover our AirSlide in three dimensions and get virtual advice.

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