Sustainability at extremeline

"Since the beginning of my self-employment, it has been a matter of course for me to adhere to and implement the idea of sustainability in conjunction with a holistic environmental policy."

>> Reinhold Kalteis, Founder, S.E. Systemelectronic GmbH

Environment & Sustainability

our aspiration for a better quality of life

This understanding of developing durable and sustainable products is the basis for our integrated environmental policy, which extends across all areas of the company. Thus, the protection of the environment and the economical use of resources play a very important role for us. In doing so, we are aware of the responsibility we have every day towards the ecosystem on earth. But not only the ecosystem is in the foreground of our environmental protection measures, but thus also the well-being of all future generations, who are to live in a healthy environment. That is why sustainability is a top priority at ExtremeLine / S.E. System Electronic.


With the introduction in 2022 of a far-reaching energy and environmental management system in accordance with EMAS at our Halfing site, we are thus setting an example for the future.

EMAS stands for “Eco-Management and Audit Scheme” or a system that helps companies to systematically establish environmental management systems based on EU guidelines and also to be certified by an environmental auditor. Sources of error, opportunities and risks for environmental protection are analyzed and eliminated or improved through defined environmental goals. The report covers topics such as energy management, occupational safety, corporate sustainability, greenhouse gas neutrality and environmental management. In addition, we also train employees on environmental protection and work on continuous improvement opportunities. Furthermore, there is also a sustainable employee program and benefits to counteract the demographic shortage of skilled workers.

Some examples of our active operational environmental protection & sustainability at ExtremeLine are:

  • We use 100% green electricity.
  • Our company buildings are equipped with a photovoltaic and solar system.
  • Use of a new electric forklift truck.
  • We produce durable and robust products.
  • Participation in the development of renewable energy.
  • Social commitment

Want to know even more about sustainability at ExtremeLine? Then click here for the EMAS Environmental Statement 2022, of which we are very proud. So, grab a beer and stop by:

Our target images

Social commitment

In addition to its commitment to the environment and a future worth living, ExtremeLine is also involved on a social level. We are committed to advancement in the areas of knowledge & education, hazard prevention & protection, and social justice. Learn more about it here!

Resource management & packaging regulation

WHERE to put the equipment when nothing else works?

Old devices do not belong in the household waste! Waste electrical equipment contains valuable resources that can be recovered and reused in recycling processes. In addition, they also contain pollutants that must not be released into the environment under any circumstances.

1. with us you are on the safe side

Waste separation makes ecological sense and can protect resources. The production and recycling of packaging requires raw materials and energy. Among other things, we are a member of several recycling organizations and pay our mandatory levies for old equipment and packaging. Unlike many China products, we adhere to regulations, providing another sustainability effect. Old equipment take-back as well as the cardboard boxes and packaging materials are regulated in our company. We are a member of various organizations such as: ARA Altstoff Recycling Österreich, ERA Elektro Recycling Österreich, Stiftung ear Elektro-Altgeräte-Register Deutschland, WEEE Waste of Electrical and Electronic Equipmen.

2. how we use resources sustainably

Because in view of climate change and environmental degradation, we are committed to complying with the strictest standards. Especially when we consider the increase of quality of life and a reduction of resource consumption together, product innovations and product quality play an essential role. Our products are therefore an important starting point and lever for implementing our sustainability strategy. They are designed to offer customers and consumers more value and better services. We continue to develop our products in a targeted manner to make them more ecological and sustainable.

3. quality instead of quantity

At the same time, the high quality is an exclusive promise that we make to our customers. A 100% outgoing goods inspection is anchored in our corporate mission statement. All electronic products have serial numbers, with the help of which we can guarantee the traceability of the individual parts.

4. material separation in production

The operational material separation is carried out according to the specifications of a large regional and certified waste disposal company. Thus, we separate our raw materials, such as aluminum, steel, stainless steel, copper into solids and chips by type. In this way, we ensure a later supply of the recyclable material chain.