The ExtremeLine carbon radiators are the alternative when it comes to energy-efficient infrared heat. Heating indoor and covered outdoor areas with ExtremeLine carbon radiant heaters is one of the most effective and economical heating options. Their unique design makes them fit into any object. They are unobtrusive and contribute to an elegant appearance. Based on our many years of experience, we use only the best materials, ensuring the best performance of our infrared heaters.


HeatTower Carbon – flexible use, lots of heat. With the standing HeatTower, we at ExtremeLine have succeeded in creating an absolute highlight. Without any installation effort, the HeatTower Carbon can be used flexibly due to its mobility and heat the most diverse areas quickly, effectively and uncomplicatedly with a lot of heat. It can be placed as needed where heating power is needed quickly and must be ready to be called up immediately. The heating costs are so well controlled. Its optimal field of application is concentrated on terraces, beer gardens and outdoor areas of gastronomy as well as outdoor seating groups. Another place of use of the HeatTower Carbon are objects that are difficult to heat due to their size.

The device is equipped with a protective grille so that sufficient safety is ensured. Its height is adjusted so that it optimally distributes heat both under and above the table. The HeatTower Carbon emits almost no red light and still provides very high heat output even in windy conditions and other environmental influences.



Light emission
very low / almost no red light

Power 230V / AC 50 Hz
Approx. size of heated area with optimal installation / dimensions (devices)

2.700 W
14 m² 158 x 17 x 7.5cm (plate 50 x 50 cm)

Room range
approx. 4 m

Surface temperature
Filament temperature 1,100 °C

Radiation efficiency

Beam angle

IP protection class

Heating time
approx. 35 sec.

10,000 hours

Infrared range
IR-B Medium wave 1,400 nm – 5,000 nm

This is included in the scope of delivery:

  • 1x Flow Plate 49x49cm – The square foot plate of the HeatTower Carbon with a high weight provides an extremely stable stand and the adjustable feet can compensate for unevenness in the floor.
  • 1x Schuko connection cable
  • Weather protection hood included

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Use the terrace or summer garden despite sub-zero temperatures? Or sit outside in the winter at your favorite cafe or you need warmth somewhere else entirely? No problem! With the HeatTower, from 0 to feel-good warmth.


Problems configuring or
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