The advantages of our products

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The advantages in detail

Since our infrared radiators emit in the optimal infrared spectrum (infrared B or infrared C), the radiation is not only particularly pleasant for human skin, but also very well tolerated. Due to the direct radiant heat, dust whirling is avoided.

Infrared heating

To put it simply and without much technical ado, infrared radiation is radiant heat that heats people or objects directly without significantly affecting the surrounding air temperature. The heat therefore arrives specifically where it is needed. Learn more about it here!

LED lighting

ExtremeLine LED luminaires provide the right lighting ambience both indoors and outdoors. In particular, the LED technology developed by ExtremeLine has become indispensable in the world of lighting for conservatories, living rooms and workplaces. Our LED lights offer many convincing advantages, because they are modern, have a long service life, produced “Made in Germany” and have an innovative character. See for yourself!

Sliding roof window

With AirSlide – our electric sliding roof window for cold conservatories, you can come very close to your dream of closeness to nature, natural daylight and plenty of fresh air. The AirSlide stands for a skylight solution that lets plenty of light and fresh air into the summer garden with a particularly large opening area. It is also the recipient of the German Design Award 2022. Discover its advantages now!


You can control our infrared radiators in three power levels by radio. Furthermore, the radiant heaters can also be controlled and configured via Android smartphone. In addition to the in-house ExRemote, Somfy IO (HomeControl IO), Elsner Funk and EnOcean BLE are also available as radio systems.

Practical tips

Find the latest news on terrace construction, winter and summer garden, and infrared heat, as well as practical tips for saving money.