Here are some examples of where our products can be used!

@ RivieraPool and the AirSlide

Application example - home:
Where in the house you can use the extremeline

Innovative infrared heaters, super efficient LEDs and a technically sophisticated sliding skylight, this is the product variety of ExtremeLine. But where are our devices used in the house? We would like to illustrate the different application possibilities here in the graphic. Be inspired by the following examples, from tiny houses to restaurants.

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At a glance

Bath & spa & wellness - landscapes

Sales rooms & Workspace

Outdoor areas the gastronomie

Church & monument protection

Tiny House & tree houses

Unsere LEDs im Wintergarten von Familie Rettenbacher

Winter garden, terrace & balcony

HeatZone/ HeatTower –ELEGANT DESIGN MEETS COMFORTABLE WARMTH. Design radiant heaters fit perfectly into all enclosed conservatories, terraces, living rooms and restaurants.

@ Hotel Granparadiso, St. Kassian, IT

Bath & spa & wellness - landscapes

HeatTube – COMFORTABLE WARMTH FOR A RELAXED BODY. Our slim design radiant heater finds its use in spa and wellness areas as well as in private bathrooms …

@ Red Bull Lounge- Hahnenkamm Rennen Kitzbühel, AT

Events & other happenings

HeatZone / HeatShine – MAXIMUM WARMTH ANYTIME, ANYWHERE. Mit diesen Ambiente – Infrarotheizstrahlern wird jede Veranstaltung, unabhängig der Jahreszeit und der Örtlichkeit, zum Erfolg. With us, your guests don’t have to freeze!

Unser Konferenzraum

Sales rooms & Workspace

HeatZone / HeatShine – FOR LIMITLESS USE WITHOUT COMPROMISE. Drafty sales rooms, cool counters, cashier areas, garages, assembly and storage halls, as well as mobile sales carts, hobby workshops, weekend homes and workplaces are not known to us. Our infrared heaters keep you nice and warm for successful work.

Outdoor areas the gastronomie

HeatShine / HeatTower – POWERFUL FOR UNLIMITED USE. Excellent suitability for covered outdoor areas such as outdoor gastronomie and open terraces.

Church & monument protection

HeatZone / HeatShine / HeatTube/ HeatTower – WARMTH,

Churches, listed houses, museums, public places, garden houses and Christmas markets. With our products everything will be nice and warm!

@Schrauth, München, DE

tiny house & tree houses


Our products also shine with their performance in tiny houses or other modern and sustainable buildings.


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