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The Extremeline Window

With the AirSlide – electric sliding roof window for cold conservatories you will come very close to your dream of closeness to nature, natural daylight and plenty of fresh air. For us, these are some of the basic requirements for a pleasant atmosphere in the cold winter garden. The AirSlide – our electric sliding roof window stands for a roof window solution that lets a lot of light and fresh air into the summer garden with a particularly large opening area. The control system that conveniently opens and closes the AirSlide electric sliding roof window ensures maximum ease of use. Discover the advantages now!


The AirSlide – a low-noise sliding roof window, matching the desired system color for your patio roof or summer garden. The barely perceptible volume creates an unclouded feel-good atmosphere. According to the physical principle, natural convection creates a vertically directed air flow, the so-called chimney effect.

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2020 was the year, ExtremeLine is German Design Award Winner 2022 for the AirSlide, the electric sliding roof window for patio roofs! We are overwhelmed and very proud!

For our AirSlide, the electric sliding roof window for patio roofs, we have received the German Design Award 2022 >> SPECIAL MENTION<< in the category of Excellent Product Design in the Gardening and Ourdoor Living sector. Particular attention was paid to the outstanding and innovative design in conjunction with the product benefits. Right from the start of development, it was clear that the AirSlide should convince with a clear and puristic design. Thus, much emphasis was placed on the material during the design. The choice fell on aluminum and stainless steel. With the AirSlide, we have also responded to our customers’ desire for closeness to nature and ensured the greatest possible incidence of light through the absence of interfering edges. A lot of daylight comes into the cold conservatory and an unobstructed view of nature is available. And what about the fresh air! The window elements slide over each other like a convertible and a lot of fresh air flows in. The hidden drive motor in particular completes our high standards for this innovation. The built-in tubular motor allows the window to open very quickly and almost silently, completing the clean look.

What is a kamine effect?

The actual chimney effect is based on heat flow: warm air in a conservatory rises and is drawn out through an open window, for example. This creates a negative pressure, which is compensated by an inflow of air. This fresh air contains more oxygen, which makes the room temperature and stay in it much more comfortable, despite the sun. Moreover, this process takes place on all heated surfaces such as radiators, cooling fins, house facades, etc., if the geometric shape and dimensional relationships resemble a chimney.

The special thing about this product is that it was developed and designed by a very small team and is therefore 100% Made by ExtremeLine. But that was not all! The AirSlide also offers the following advantages:

Control system

You can easily open and close your sliding roof window and sunshade at the touch of a button. Furthermore, with Somfy IO, it can also be controlled and configured via Android smartphone as well as voice assistants. In addition to Somfy IO (HomeControl IO), Elsner Funk is also available as a radio system. You want more information about controls? You can find them here:

Ecodesign guideline

The AirSlide is a product covered by the EU Construction Products Regulation. Thus, in accordance with the declaration of performance, air permeability, driving rain tightness and resistance to wind were tested at the PfB Prüfinsitut für Bauphysik in Rosenheim. Of course, the structural analysis is also available for the structural engineer.


From the factory, the AirSlide can be controlled with any mutually interlocked up/down pushbutton. In addition, the leading control systems such as Somfy IO or Elsner Elektronik can already be supplied at the factory. We will be happy to advise you on this as well.

Old equipment take-back

Of course, the AirSlide is registered for the return of old equipment.

The AirSlide

You are convinced? Then take a closer look at our sliding roof window. Here you can also find all the technical data and inspiration.