Are you planning a project and want to know how many devices you need?

Extremeline planner

In the planners below, you can calculate not only the number of units, but also, for example, how much more revenue you could generate by installing ExtremeLine radiant heaters.

There is also a light planner for the topic of LED’s to determine the optimal number of spots and thus also really save money.

Icon für den ExtremeLine Wärmeplaner


In the following heat planner you can enter all the necessary data to calculate the energy costs incurred by the infrared radiators and the number of devices.


In the following sales calculator you can enter all the necessary data to put the energy costs incurred by the IR emitters in relation to the increase in sales. The result is your additional profit.


How many spots you need per area and per areas to be illuminated, you can easily plan here. In addition, the comparison of LED’s, which is important in the LED design for your summer and winter garden. We recommend a brightness of 80 to 100 lux.


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