The Somfy control

Somfy control, or better known as Somfy io homecontrol, is also used as a radio system by Velux and Markilux.

Through the appropriate radio transmitters and actuators, you can control both the ExtremeLine radiant heaters, the AirSlide and the LED lights together with your other Somfy automatic solutions.

The open & flexible operation

Our products are all smart home ready controllable. You can buy our ExtremeLine devices immediately with a Somfy io remote control or wall transmitter or retrofit them step by step. Alternatively, it is also possible to use the TaHoma Switch smart home control panel directly. No matter what you decide, with us you are prepared.

The two-way radio technology io-homecontrol offers the possibility to operate the ExtremeLine infrared radiant heaters, LED lights as well as the electric sliding roof windows – the AirSlide together via the smart home control center with e.g. alarm systems, awnings and shutters wirelessly and at any time conveniently via the free TaHoma app. This combination improves home comfort, security, offers a more sustainable everyday life and you can also save quite a bit with Somfy Smart Home Ready control.

Powerful home automation for the future-proof, thinking house through the smart home complete solution -TaHoma. TaHoma is the heart of the smart home system and is responsible for the devices in your home to communicate with each other through various integrated wireless protocols.

Is the electric sliding roof window still open even though it’s about to start raining? Is the HeatTube already activated in the bathroom so that you can take a warm bath after a cool day? No problem at all. With the TaHoma box and io-homecontrol from Somfy, all ExtremeLine products are easily controlled by remote control, via the TaHoma app or via voice assistant – even when on the move. The TaHoma box networks all devices and controls by radio and they communicate with each other in real time. This also means that no additional cable needs to be laid for the control system.

Thus, all smart-home-ready functionalities of the TaHoma world are open to our ExtremeLine customers.

For support with technical questions about your ExtremeLine products with Somfy control, please contact us.


You have chosen the Somfy io control but you want to know which other devices can be coupled with this control? Then you will find here a selection of our devices.

Note: Here is no remote control included in the standard scope of delivery, because many customers already have the Somfy – hand transmitter for another device, but can be ordered from us on request.

The possible uses at home

It is not only in the familiar living room that devices can be operated with the Somfy smart home system. There are also a number of outdoor applications.

Find out more in the new video and be inspired!


Problems during configuration Or during Battery change?

No problem! We are happy to help.

Contact us, check the manual in the service section of the products or go to our help page. On our help page you will also find the possibility to access the tutorials of our YouTube channel and for example have the battery change explained step by step in the video.