Who is extremeline? More about us!

Our Story

A passionate product developer with a high degree of inventiveness, that’s Reinhold Kalteis, founder and senior boss of S.E. System Electronic GmbH. The infrared radiant heater success story began in 2009, when Reinhold Kalteis had the idea of developing infrared radiant heaters by chance. But what happened next? Learn more here!

Career at extremeline

As we have grown steadily over the past few years, we are always on the lookout for motivated and enthusiastic people – for every area in our company and have a few jobs available at ExtremeLine. Because no matter what you do with us, you are part of something very special – the ExtremeLine world. The team concept is always in the foreground, because only together we can bring the ExtremeLine brand forward, develop innovative products and optimally support our customers.


Here you can find news and information about Us! Here you can find out what is happening in our development, which new products will soon be on the market and what else is happening around the ExtremeLine umbrella brand. Be curious!


This understanding of developing durable and sustainable products is the basis for our integrated environmental policy, which extends across all areas of the company. Thus, the protection of the environment and the economical use of resources play a very important role for us. In doing so, we are aware of the responsibility we have every day towards the ecosystem on earth. But not only the ecosystem is in the foreground of our environmental protection measures, but thus also the well-being of all future generations, who are to live in a healthy environment. That’s why sustainability is a top priority at ExtremeLine / S.E. Electronic.