The controls & software

Heat - Simple control

Since our infrared radiators emit in the optimal infrared spectrum (infrared B or infrared C), the radiation is not only particularly pleasant for human skin, but also very well tolerated. The even radiation power as well as the possibility to set different power levels ensure that you feel completely comfortable! Our infrared heaters convey feel-good warmth according to the principle of nature. Infrared energy heats bodies and objects directly without significantly heating the surrounding air. Due to atmospheric transmittance, infrared energy can be emitted skin-friendly with little loss up to a distance of four meters.

With infrared A, on the other hand, the penetration depth into the skin is a fatal 6 mm, which is extremely hazardous to health and can even damage the retina in the eye. For infrared B, the penetration depth is 1 mm and for infrared C even only 0.3 mm. Industries from the health sector exclusively use infrared B and C radiation.

Another advantage over ready-made heaters is that infrared heating heats not the air, but bodies. Thus, there is no air circulation and dust whirling is thus avoided.

To select one of the following control systems:

1. product with control select

2. control system select

Type siA

This is our specially developed radio system for infrared heaters and LED lights.

With the remote control included in the standard delivery, you can control both our radiant heaters and the LED lights

very easy to control. Two channels each are available for this purpose.

Note: The remote control is already programmed at the factory and is ready for immediate use.

Type si7

Better known as Somfy io, this radio system is also used by Velux and Markilux.

With the appropriate radio transmitters and actuators, you can use both the ExtremeLine radiant heaters and the LED lights

together with your other Somfy automation solutions.

Note: Here is no remote control included in the standard scope of delivery, because many customers already have the Somfy – hand transmitter for another device, but can be ordered from us on request.

Type si6

Elsner Elektronik offers control options with which you can control and automate your entire building technology, such as shading, ventilation and ExtremeLine infrared radiant heaters.

Elsner Elektronik relies on a high vertical range of manufacture, so everything from development to production is implemented at the company headquarters in Ostelsheim (northern Black Forest).

Note: No hand-held transmitter is included in the standard scope of delivery here, as many customers already have the Elsner hand-held transmitter for another device.

Type si9

This specially developed and Bluetooth-based control system can be controlled with an energy-autonomous wall transmitter from the company EnOcean.

EnOcean GmbH, headquartered in Oberhaching near Munich,

stands for battery-free wireless standards for green and smart buildings.

Note: Here is no handheld transmitter included in the standard scope of delivery, because many customers already have the EnOcean – handheld transmitter for another device, but can be ordered on request from us in the colors black or white.

Type siC

Just put your feet up and not have to worry about anything? With Smart Home from WAREMA, these dreams come true. Thanks to innovative technology, sun shading, lighting, infrared radiant heaters and other devices can be intelligently controlled.

networked and conveniently controlled via smartphone or fully automatically – for a real feel-good home with technology made in Germany.

Note: No hand-held transmitter is included in the standard scope of delivery, as many customers already have the Warema hand-held transmitter for another device, but it can be ordered from us in the colors on request.

3. this includes an app + Temperature & Air humidity sensor which works via radio

4. enjoy warmth

Software / Company goods

Firmware ExtremeLine Control Heating
Firmware for ExtremeLine infrared heaters, with manufacturing date from 01.01.2018 and the radio systems SiA, Si6, Si7, Si9 as well as external controllers STA, ST6, ST7, ST9.

APP ExtremeLine Control

Version 2.21
– Optimization BLE communication

Version 2.20
– Bootloader + Bluetooth stack update to version
– Supplement Status LED OFF
– Limit customization BLE connections to 1 smartphone
– Adjustment of memory management, after update all settings made are reset
– Adaptation BLE learn mode can be deactivated, press taught-in button ON -> OFF 5 times in succession within the first 180s

Version 2.16
– Adaptation detection of double voltage interruption is active within the first 80-100s
– Adjustment Minimum temperature setting up to 35°C
– Supplement BLE learning mode can be deactivated
– Adjustment maximum heating time below 1h is possible in 2 minutes step
– Adjustment at mains voltage Heating power to 100%, after 48h the power is reduced to 68% for another 96h

Version 2.14
– Adjustment Reset via APP
– Supplement experts menu, reduce heating power

Version 2.13
– Supplement transmission to the APP, the maximum heating time, or time until automatic mode is activated.
– Adjustment temperature sensor in BLE button mode
– Preparation activate/deactivate learnmode for BLE button via APP

Version 2.10
– Adaptation teach-in/delete BLE button
– Customization BLE learning mode can be disabled, power on heater for 90s – power off> 5s – power on> 50s – power off> 5s – power on>, the LED will be orange for 5s and learning mode is disabled.
– Adjustment Factory reset, switch on heater for 90s – switch off> 5s – switch on> 30s – switch off> 5s – switch on>, the LED lights white for 5s and the device is set to delivery condition. (Excluding actions with the Si1, Si6, Si7 radio system).
– Preparation for factory reset via Android APP
– Preparation expert menu via Android APP, for special functions.

Version 2.08
– Supplement signaling temperature sensor found, white flashing 250ms ON/100ms OFF

Version 2.07
– Bootloader + Bluetooth stack update to version
– Adjustment maximum temperature

Version 2.06
– Customization BLE button

Version 2.05
– Bootloader + Bluetooth stack update to Verion
– Supplement BLE pushbutton from EnOcean
– Adaptation Frost protection remains active even during voltage interruption

Version 2.04
– Adjustment lost sensor is updated in flash
– Adjustment frost protection function
– Addition permanent deactivation of the temperature sensor via APP, even if a sensor is found.

Version 2.03
– Adjustment frost protection / minimum temperature increased up to 20°C
– Supplement lost sensor is replaced by new sensor after approx. 15min

Version 2.02
– Adaptation Elsner Communication

Version 1.1S
– Adaptation Somfy IO communication

Version 1.1K
– Adjustment temperature sensor disabled by default, if 15min the sensor is found, it is enabled

Version 1.1I
– Supplement Deactivating the temperature sensor

Version 1.1G
– Adaptation factory reset display for Somfy radio system

Version 1.1E
– Supplement for parallel operation APP/remote control → Temperature sensor must be switched on, otherwise the device goes into fault mode

APP ExtremeLine Control

Android APP for control and configuration of ExtremeLine radiant heaters with manufacturing date from 01.01.2018.

Version 2.1.49
– Supplement special functions “Expert menu
– Supplement for Si9 devices:
– Enable/disable the Learn function
– Minor bug fixes.