Our new product: External antenna

There is often the same problem with conservatories, patio roofs and the like, but now there is a solution! With the new EX 40 external antenna, range problems are a thing of the past. In this article, you will find out everything you need to know about this new product and the advantages it offers.

"Problems are there to be solved!"

Christian Kalteis/ Head of Development

Christian_Kalteis, Geschäftsführer ExtremeLine

What are the benefits of the new external antenna?

To avoid this radio interference in conservatories or patio roofs with ExRemote, we have now developed an external antenna. It may be small, but it’s big!

Its cable is 50 cm long and is attached to the control unit’s circuit board via a contact. We are currently working on a new ExRemot control unit to enable easy installation. They can also be retrofitted to older ExtremeLine control units to improve radio reception quickly and easily.

What can interfere with the radio range?

When planning systems with devices that communicate via radio, care must be taken to ensure sufficient radio reception. Typically, the control system should be able to achieve a range of 10 to 25 meters.

However, the radio range can be negatively affected by unfavorable site conditions and the materials used. Aluminum and steel profiles in particular have a high attenuation of radio frequencies and greatly reduce the penetration of the radio signal. House walls, concrete, cars, side elements, steel reinforcements in aluminum profiles and slatted sliding shutters also impair the range.

Metal also has the property of reflecting. It reflects incoming rays or waves. This means that a radio receiver in a closed metal profile receives fewer radio waves than, for example, in an open metal profile or a plastic duct. Concrete walls, on the other hand, literally absorb the radio signal. The material density, the wall thickness and the interaction of the installation types with end caps and the air gap between the profiles also play a major role in reducing the range.

By and large, this means that a profile in which the control unit is housed and has holes for LED luminaires has better reception than a profile that is completely closed at the sides with metal end caps! Overall, the final range of the radio signal depends on the sum of the attenuating factors.

Further radio problems and faults can be found in our operating instructions on page 40 – 42 in the service area of the products.

Exremote 2.0 - The ExtremeLine control system

Intelligently networked devices that make heat and lighting as efficient as possible, that’s the Smart Home System from ExtremeLine. Because our products are all smart home controllable.

Our ExRemote control offers the possibility to operate the ExtremeLine infrared radiant heaters, as well as our LED lights wirelessly and at any time conveniently via the free ExtremeLine App. This combination not only improves living comfort and safety, but also provides a more sustainable everyday life. What also speaks for the ExRemote control is that a remote control is already included in the scope of delivery and you can start immediately after installation.

The ExtremeLine LED SPOTS really set the scene for your conservatory and patio roof

LED Spots für den Wintergarten. Licht mit wohlfühlatmosphäre

A winter garden unfolds its special atmosphere in the evening, when after a busy day you are looking for peace and closeness to nature in a protected environment. ExtremeLine’s small and discreet LED spots are specially designed to meet the high demands of conservatories and patio covers. They blend seamlessly and unobtrusively into the roof and contribute to an atmospheric moment of relaxation. Convince yourself of the ExtremeLine LED spots – the lighting solutions for conservatories & patio roofs.

LEDs von ExtremeLIne für Terrassenüberdachungen, Winter- und Sommergarten

The LED spotlights also have many advantages:

The large beam angle, with the specially manufactured diffuser, ensures homogeneous illumination of the entire usable area and the specially developed heat sink prevents overheating of the LED luminaire. Our compact LED spot provides a pleasant warm white light with low power consumption and a long service life of more than 30,000 hours. Each LED luminaire has its own LED driver module that protects the LED from overload. Due to the small size, with a diameter of only 35 mm and a mounting depth of 24 mm, the luminaire fits into all common profiles.

They are also very efficient, which means that fewer LEDs are required for homogeneous illumination, which also saves money. The LEDs, like all our other products, are manufactured at our company headquarters in Halfing and are optimally adapted to the special requirements of conservatories and the like.