Glaswohnen in an interview on the topic: Time for spring cleaning in the winter garden and co.!

Spring is here and it’s time for spring cleaning! The conservatory and patio cover also need a thorough clean to prepare them for the sunny days ahead. In an interview with our premium specialist partner Glaswohnen, you can find out everything you need to know and get tips from the professionals on top. You will also find a practical checklist here that will help you carry out spring cleaning efficiently and systematically.

“A winter garden and patio roofing are like a good car; if you look after them properly, you can enjoy them for a long time”

Christian Driemel/CEO from Glaswohnen

Christian Driemel - von Glaswohnen im Interview

Interview: Spring cleaning - your patio roof and winter garden will thank you!

Christian Driemel and Christoph Schöttler are the minds behind Glaswohnen, an assembly company based in Neuried, Germany. Glaswohnen specializes in the construction of: winter gardens, patio roofs, folding glass walls and awnings. Our premium specialist partner Glaswohnen, just like us, values quality, sustainability and customer satisfaction. The experienced team also offers individual solutions for each customer. So they are exactly the right people for an interview on the sustainable topic of caring for everything from winter gardens to slatted roofs.

ExtremeLine: Mr. Driemel, intensive spring cleaning represents new beginnings and the transition from the darkness and cold of winter to spring, in which life blossoms again. So it’s not just cleaning the house itself, but also the winter garden etc. What do you have to pay attention to when cleaning?

Christian Driemel : The winter garden is a special place that combines the best of both worlds: the warmth and coziness of the interior and the closeness to nature. To ensure that your winter garden shines in all its glory during the warm season and looks chic for a long time, thorough spring cleaning is essential. Of course, cleaning the windows or glass surfaces takes up most of the time. In general, you should proceed more gently.
This means that the high-pressure cleaner you use on the sidewalk is not a good idea! Because the pressure of the cleaner can damage the rubber seal and dirt could also settle into barely visible surface damage. It is important to say that abrasive utensils should not be used.
In addition to the glass surfaces, cleaning the powder-coated aluminum profiles is of course also important. No aggressive cleaners should be used here either. Less is more!

Another important point is cleaning the seals and furniture or washing the upholstery. Then sweep or vacuum again and, depending on the floor, wipe once with a damp cloth. Finished!

ExtremeLine: Is there a difference when spring cleaning a patio cover?

Christian Driemel : In principle, the same applies to terrace roofing or slatted roofs, pergola and similar buildings as to winter gardens. However, the patio roof is often not closed on the sides. This means that a lot of dirt and leaves collect under the roof during autumn and winter. This means that cleaning the floor plays a greater role than in the conservatory. Depending on the material, it should be maintained according to the manufacturer’s instructions. An old and practical home remedy for cleaning wooden floorboards is washing soda, cornstarch and warm water.

After cleaning the floor and roofing, you should also clean the window profiles, seals and aluminum frames. Here too, simply wipe over with warm water, a gentle cleaning agent and a soft cloth. If you are unsure about choosing the product, you can check the manufacturer’s information or simply ask us – we will be happy to advise you.

ExtremeLine: Since you, as a professional, deal with this topic regularly – what is the quickest way to clean? Which technology has proven to be the most successful?

Christian Driemel :As you have probably already noticed the trend, the steam cleaner is on the rise and is a good and gentle solution for cleaning the winter garden etc.
As the glass surfaces are smooth, the steam can work optimally. Steam cleaners can also remove dirt from glass without using chemical additives. The steam penetrates the pores of the material and pulls out the dirt. During condensation, liquid water is formed which washes away the dirt.
So it is a gentle and effective method and makes cleaning much easier. Together with a telescopic rod, you can clean everything in no time at all.

Frühjahrsputz im Wintergarten

ExtremeLine: What is important to say at this point?

Christian Driemel : A standard glass cleaner, a rubber hood, a soft cloth and warm water are tried and tested and the No. 1 cleaning utensils. The coarse dirt should simply be soaked thoroughly beforehand. You should also allow sufficient time for the product to take effect…
I would also like to clear up a misconception at this point. Using yesterday’s newspaper to dry the windows after cleaning is absolutely not a good idea! The printer’s ink could come off and form a film on the surface or frame – removing this will be difficult! And you don’t want to get any more dirt on it. Alternatively, cleaning with a washable tea towel and a leather cloth is recommended to avoid unwanted stains or residue. Kitchen towels or special chamois leather are better options as they do not release ink or printer’s ink and therefore leave a clean surface!
Another concern for me is the aluminum profile. During construction, you should be careful not to use microfiber cloths. These can lead to rough spots or scratches on the material. The aluminum coating also reacts sensitively to grease, which, for example, gets on the hands via creams and then on the construction. Strong sunlight can lead to changes in color.

ExtremeLine: So that means: spring cleaning = maintenance time! What are the most important points here and what should you pay particular attention to?

Christian Driemel : While you’re about to dedicate yourself to your winter garden etc., you should also think about the maintenance of all electrical devices, including the building itself. This is extremely important in order to be able to enjoy the beauty of the winter garden for a long time and to ensure that it can be used without disruption.

To do this, you should check all seals for cracks, remove dirt from the running rails and clear all joints of branches and the like to avoid collisions.
And last but not least, you should also think about lubricating the joints.
So you’re prepared and summer can come!

ExtremeLine: Are there any special cleaning agents that you can recommend?

Christian Driemel : At this point it is important to say: Environmentally friendly means are the be-all and end-all. Because when cleaning the winter garden and the like, the water runs into the surrounding surface and then into the groundwater. You should generally avoid harmful substances and use biodegradable products!
My tip: warm water, a splash of dish soap and a sip of vinegar essence or spirit. Nothing more is needed!

ExtremeLine: Do you have a pro tip for how to reduce the effort required for future cleaning sessions?

Christian Driemel : A nanocoating, for example, should be mentioned here, but this only makes sense for a roof inclination of 10°. This coating is also called nano-sealing and is a smooth or invisible layer made of nano polymers. This layer prevents dirt, limescale and other contaminants from adhering. Rainwater rolls off effortlessly and dirt particles slide off more easily. However, it is best to have this done by a specialist, as this sealing requires special knowledge and irregularities can therefore be avoided. The environmental impact should also be mentioned at this point, as the ingredients of some nano-sealing products can be harmful to the environment and do not last indefinitely. Es ist wichtig, umweltfreundliche Optionen zu wählen und die Anwendung gemäß den Herstelleranweisungen durchzuführen.

ExtremeLine: Can you follow certain rules throughout the year and avoid further effort?

Christian Driemel : There are actually two points to make here.
On the one hand, regular ventilation is a possibility. The fresh air not only improves the air quality, but also reduces the humidity. This can be caused, for example, by plants and the time spent in the conservatory and encourages mold and fungal infestation. Similar to the living room itself.
The second point is shading. It is an important accessory not only in times of hot summers to protect against UV radiation and glare. It also helps to reduce the contamination of the conservatory and co. Because it reduces direct sunlight, which means less dust is formed, it can protect against weather influences and thereby slows down pollution.

ExtremeLine: What else should you think about for the summer?

Christian Driemel : On the one hand, I have already spoken briefly about the advantages of shading, which extends the usability of the terrace and winter garden. A distinction is made here between external and internal shading. On the other hand, you can already start thinking about insect protection. There is also a variant here, which also reduces the soiling of the conservatory and co. You can also contact us for advice on planning.

ExtremeLine: Is there anything else to bear in mind when spring cleaning?

Christian Driemel : Rubber care should definitely be mentioned at this point! As with car maintenance, caring for the rubber seal on conservatories and the like is extremely important. To do this, apply a rubber care product recommended by the manufacturer after cleaning. This provides the necessary protection against drying out, prevents rubber parts from sticking together, and maintains the water-repellent properties and durability. Of course, this also applies to the AirSlide sliding roof window.
And you can’t say it often enough. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions!

ExtremeLine: Mr. Driemel, you have a lot to do in this aspect with your customers. What are customers’ preferences? Clean it yourself or have it professionally cleaned?

Christian Driemel : Spring cleaning is in itself a time-consuming and often nerve-wracking affair. This is why many customers resort to professional cleaning. Not only does it save time, but it brings maximum results and the professional also has the necessary equipment for this. In addition, the specialist knows about the optimal cleaning, which can prevent cleaning damage. In our company, we rely on professional winter garden maintenance by a building cleaning company, as this delivers simple and cost-effective results.

What to look out for with extremeline products

As with all electrical devices, the care of ExtremeLine products is an important point! This should be done at least once a year. This significantly extends the service life and ensures that the appliance lasts a long time and functions efficiently. There are a few things to keep in mind:

Caring for the heaters

Before you start cleaning – always switch off and pull out the plug or switch the fuse to off! Better safe than sorry!

Then remove cobwebs, dust and the like from the heaters to avoid the risk of fire!
The surface of the appliances should be cleaned regularly with a damp, lint-free cloth. Make absolutely sure that the appliance has not been operated for at least 1 hour. Otherwise there is a risk of burns!

The heaters also contain hydrophilic components. Please note that the residual current circuit breaker may be triggered after a long period of inactivity. In this case, the heater must be checked by a qualified electrician.
Very important: Please do not use high-pressure cleaners, sharp objects or aggressive cleaning agents to clean your ExtremeLine device. Also make sure that no cleaning residue remains on the device.

Last but not least, check the cables for damage such as cracks or wear and replace them if necessary. Short circuits can thus be avoided.

AirSlide care

Clean the glass of the AirSlide with a commercially available glass cleaning agent. The painted parts should only be cleaned with gentle cleaning agents. We also recommend testing the cleaning agent for special colors. The inside of the motor cover, for example, is suitable here. You should also clean the brush seals and remove any deposits or dirt. The sliding bearings of the sliding roof window should be wiped with a damp cloth just like the frame. Also remove leaves or dirt from behind the cover.

Hinweis: Never clean your electric sliding window with mechanical objects and make sure that electrical components such as the rain sensor, wind monitor or the control do not come into contact with cleaning agents.

Speziell beim AirSlide Solar: Wipe the solar module with a soft, dust-free cloth.

All cleaning and care instructions can also be found under each product image in the service area in the operating instructions.

Spring cleaning checklist:

Check out the weather report

Before you get started, look for mild temperatures, little wind and no rain for several days. Even when the sky is cloudy, the lighting conditions are uniform. Ideal conditions for cleaning day!

Dry cleaning before wet cleaning

Remove dust, cobwebs and dirt from all surfaces. This also applies to the heaters! Allow stubborn dirt to soak long enough before wet cleaning.

Roughly sweep and remove rubbish

Remove leaves, twigs and other coarse dirt. Pay particular attention to mechanical systems and remove objects that could block or even damage them. Then clean more finely.

Maintaining the interior

When spring cleaning you can't avoid cleaning the furniture and other furnishings. Depending on the type of furniture, you should think about cleaning the upholstery or surfaces and removing the dry leaves of the plants

Preparation is everything

Have all the necessary utensils such as: steam cleaner, rubber extractor, telescopic rod, microfiber cloth, cleaning and care products ready to hand. First remove all objects and furniture from the terrace.

It is best to work from top to bottom

Start with the roof or awning and work your way down to the floor. Also, work from back to front to get the water to drain in the right direction.

Allow enough drying time

Before you care for the terrace or winter garden, let everything dry thoroughly. By drying you prevent possible damage caused by, for example, mold and fungi. This also allows the cleaning agent to work better.

Special care for patio roofs, winter gardens and awnings

Use appropriate cleaning products and soft utensils. Also remember to care for rubber and oil mechanical parts.

Our conclusion: Even if it is sometimes annoying and means a lot of work… Spring cleaning in the winter garden etc. is a worthwhile task that has many advantages. Remember that spring cleaning is not just a chore, but also an opportunity to clean your winter garden etc. to appreciate and care for! So turn on the music and get out the microfibre cloth! We wish you good luck.


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