The Warema control system

The WAREMA control system, or better known as WMS, combines state-of-the-art technology and aesthetic design to create a radio control system for sophisticated requirements.

With the appropriate radio transmitters and actuators, you can control the ExtremeLine radiant heaters HeatFlare and HeatShine, and in future also the HeatTube, together with your other automatic solutions from WAREMA.

Clever controls for the home

Just put your feet up and not have to worry about anything? Smart Home systems from WAREMA make these dreams come true.

Because you can buy our ExtremeLine devices immediately with a WAREMA remote control or wall transmitter or retrofit them step by step. Alternatively, it is also possible to use the WMS Home smart home control center directly. With WMS Smart Home systems, you always have the perfect solutions to hand. Because: comfort, security and energy efficiency – these are the requirements of a modern home today. Our tried-and-tested systems made in Germany reliably fulfill these wishes for maximum convenience in your personal smart home.

But no matter how you decide on the control system, with us you are prepared. You can also contact us for advice on this.

Thanks to innovative controls, sun shading, lighting, radiant heaters and other devices can be intelligently networked and conveniently controlled via smartphone, tablet, voice recognition or fully automatically – for a real feel-good home. This is how it works:

homee is your modular and manufacturer-independent smart home control center. For smart sun protection with the unique advantages of the WMS radio system, you need the red WMS Cube in addition to the white homee Brain Cube. Each homee extension is responsible for a different wireless technology and can therefore communicate with other devices. The white brain cube collects all the information and transmits it. The WMS WebControl pro app is available free of charge for iOS and Android.

This means that all smart home functionalities of the WAREMA world are available to our ExtremeLine customers.

We can provide you with support for technical questions about your ExtremeLine products with Warema controls.


You have decided on the Warema control unit and want to know which other devices can be linked to this control unit? Then you will find here a selection of our devices.

Note: No remote control is included in the standard scope of delivery, as many customers already have the Warema hand-held transmitter for another device, but this can be ordered from us on request.

Teach-in receiver and transmitter

Do you have a radiant heater or LED spotlight with WMS control and want to teach in the hand-held and wall-mounted transmitter?

Find out more about programming the hand-held transmitter in this tutorial or use the Warema practical manual in chapters 2.1, 3.1 or 4.1. on page 9 and 50.


Why are infrared radiant heaters an alternative?

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