ExtremeLine and Physiotherm

Projekt mit pyhsiotherm

The joint story of ExtremeLine and Physiotherm with a future

ExtremeLine and Physiotherm stand for local production “Made in Germany” and high quality standards. The first step towards future collaboration began in 2016. After an initial meeting at the trade fair in Karlsruhe, there was a meeting at the headquarters in Thaur. Shortly afterwards, the first joint project – the Hotel Gran Paradiso in Alta Badia South Tyrol – was created. (See cover picture)
Physiotherm infrared heaters act directly on the skin and are ideal for use directly on the back and in closed cabins. For additional heat supply, for larger rooms, conservatories and large-scale wellness and spa projects, the stylish and highly effective HeatTube radiant heater from ExtremeLine is the last missing piece of the puzzle for the perfect feel-good oasis.

Extremeline und Physiotherm

Soothing infrared heat in the wellness and spa area

Infrared heat has a variety of positive effects on our body, such as supporting regeneration, reducing inflammation, reducing stress, reducing pain, improving mood and much more. Infrared radiation can help treat back and joint problems and have a positive effect on the immune system. Infrared heat applications can also help to relax the muscles, stimulate the metabolism, improve the appearance of the skin and relieve pain… It is gentle but effective! Regular use of infrared heat is an ideal way to do something good for body and soul.

As our infrared radiators emit the optimum infrared spectrum (infrared B), the radiation is not only particularly pleasant for the human skin, but also very well tolerated! (In contrast to infrared A radiation, which is extremely harmful to the body due to its high penetration depth and can even damage the retina in the eye).

Another point worth knowing is that we had our HeatTube tested at Seibersdorf Laboratories EN 60335-2-53 as part of the Physiotherm cooperation. This means that the radiant heater is also approved for use in wellness areas.

The even radiation output of our products, as well as the option of setting different power levels, ensure that you can feel completely at ease! Our products convey feel-good warmth according to the principle of nature. Infrared energy heats bodies and objects directly without significantly heating the surrounding air. Thus, there is no air circulation and dust whirling is thus avoided.
Due to the atmospheric permeability, infrared energy can be emitted in a skin-friendly manner with little loss up to a distance of four meters. Infrared heat can be used by people of all ages.

The infrared loungers from Physiotherm and the HeatTube from ExtremeLine - a complete package for well-being

Users experience wonderful moments of relaxation on the infrared loungers from Physiotherm, with ergonomically shaped and padded back surfaces. By lying down on one of these loungers, you are making a conscious decision to take a break from everyday life and do something for your own well-being.

Now only one thing is missing for perfect all-round well-being. The HeatTube!

When you lie down on the infrared lounger, your back is irradiated with infrared heat. The HeatTube provides additional cozy warmth from above or from the side.

In this pleasant resting position, surrounded by comforting warmth and light, the central nervous system relaxes, thoughts calm down and positive emotions activate our reward center in the brain. The stress “melts away”, so to speak, and only in this way can the lounger develop its full potential.

The advantage at a glance:

Infrared heat has many advantages in wellness landscapes in the hotel industry, private areas, rehabilitation centers and thermal baths. Here are some of them:

Safe heat: Our HeatTube has been tested by Seibersdorf Laboratories EN 60335-2-53 and is approved for use in spas and wellness areas.

Energy efficiency: Our infrared heaters are super-efficient and can help reduce energy costs.

Rapid heating: The HeatTube heats from 0 to 100 in approx. 36 seconds and the heated loungers also reach operating temperature quickly. This is a great advantage and offers the user an all-round feel-good package without heating the entire room. This in turn saves heating costs!

Low maintenance costs : The infrared radiant heaters manufactured in Germany require little maintenance as they are of very high quality and also have a long service life.

Benefits for your well-being: Infrared radiation has a very positive influence on the well-being and state of health of wellness guests. Infrared radiation can help to relieve pain and improve blood circulation and can help with relaxation and tension.

Flexibility: They can be installed in different places, e.g. on the wall or on the ceiling above the heated loungers. The HeatTube can also be easily retrofitted.

Minimal effort: The HeatTube and the heated loungers are easy to install.


Do you want to implement a similar project and need advice? No problem! We will be happy to advise you.