Action: Our Christmas donation to the Rosenheim animal shelter

The ExtremeLine - Team has a big heart for animals!

Howo we donate to the Rosenheim animal shelter for Christmas.

Action: Our Christmas donation – In addition to two cute office dogs, which lighten the workday and always conjure up a smile in the stressful workday, bunnies with handicaps have also found a place with us next to the company building. But this time we want to go one step further in terms of animal love and support even more animals.

Rising prices in all areas, staying away from donations and energy madness cast their shadow on non-profit facilities where animals in need are taken in. Animal shelters really don’t have it easy at the moment and since we have a big heart for animals, our Christmas donation this year goes to the animal shelter in Rosenheim.

In addition to financial support, we also collected donations in kind among the employees and were thus able to put together a small Christmas package. Thus, for example, there is a cat house for the cats, toys for the dogs and small treats for the rabbits.

At the donation handover this week, we not only received a loving reception, but also an impressive guided tour.

In recent years, the new animal shelter area has become a really great facility, which also meets the highest requirements, and now shines in new splendor. It was not until this spring that the construction work was completed. We were also impressed by the voluntary and passionate commitment of the helpers. Simply great!

We say thank you for the great work and happy holidays!

Do as we do with the campaign: “Our Christmas donation” and donate to the Rosenheim Animal Welfare Association or the animal shelter in your area, or become a volunteer walker and cat cuddler. More pictures from our visit, you can find on Facebook or Instagram

Every help counts!

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